Friday, May 23, 2008

Not Waiting For The Asteroid: T.O. Sun Goin' T.U.?

Maybe not, but The Toronto Sun Building at 333 King looks to be "available"--up for sale in other words.

Its business apparently cannibalized by the success of its own free paper, it isn't surprising that the Sun might be looking to downsize. But this Toronto Star article says no decision has been made as to whether their staff will stay in the building as tenants or relocate. Mind you, the Sun management is also claiming that the sale of the building is only being "considered"; well, if its already in this database I'd say the decision has been made already.

By the way, the Urbandb website looks like a definite bookmark. It aims to be online open-content collaborative effort to accurately document development and real-estate activity.

Kind of like a "wiki" for development activity. Probably useful to activists/researchers of all sorts. Currently, the kind of information it wants to offer for free is rather, rather expensive.

h/t J. D Creighton.


Ti-Guy said...

The Sun always disgraces itself. I encountered two young, fresh-faced sollicitors at my home a couple of weeks ago who generously offered me a free copy of The Sun, which I accepted in the spirit of a gift given and graciously accepted. When they asked me why I wouldn't take up the subscription offer they were making, I explained that I don't like the paper because I don't think it's very good. They, somewhat churlishly, then asked for the free copy back, implying that it could be passed to someone more deserving.

I handed it back to them and wished them a fine day.

Sean Pelette said...

Bookmarked indeed. Thanks. This will prove very useful. I might even contribute.