Saturday, May 24, 2008

This Deserves To Go Viral!

Flight Of The Concords doing "Business Time". Hilarious Barry White parody and the music is quite decent.

Don't show your wife/girlfriend: she'll start asking you "Is it Business Time yet, baby?"


Anonymous said...

What, no snarky post after the entire bogsphere knows you are both a liar and a cheat . . . who got caught and exposed for everyone to laugh at ?

Ti-Guy said...

Well, Fred...BCL's been humbled into silence.

What is it with these trailer trash thinking a prank you told everyone about is some noteworthy outrage? It's not like BCL's being sued for libel or anything.

Amanda Van Der Steen said...

The song has been out for almost a year already.
It was funny last summer.

Frank said...

Kate rules, BCL drools.

Red Tory said...

Tough crowd. ;)