Saturday, May 17, 2008

Notes From Ottawa

Went into The Astrolab yesterday, an rare book/print store, and picked up a nifty map of Ottawa-area used book stores. I then asked where I could find booze for sale, and the directions I was given wound me up in front of the Parliament Buildings. Did I mis-hear or is this Ottawa humor? There was definitely no LCBO there.

Also, so far we've found two lists of secret charges the Marriot levies if you don't explicitly decline the service. Can anyone with experience of these places tell me whether there is a third list that I should be looking out for, maybe stuffed under the mattress somewhere? (They even charge $1.50 for the Saturday Globe.)


RossK said...

In my experience, under some circumstances you may be forced to pay a 'revolution fee' if you linger too long over your coffee while sitting in the rooftop restaurant.


Ti-Guy said...


Finally, behaviour from an MP that the pro-lifers can approve of:

But the 55-year-old Mr. Toews' public face of self-righteous morality is now clashing with his troubled private life. An MP dubbed the "minister of family values" by Liberals is embroiled in a messy divorce after fathering a child last fall with a much younger woman.

Mr Toews eschewed condoms and chose life. Hallelujah!

Sunita said...

This is where one LCBO can be found:,-75.695844&spn=0.007334,0.013754&z=16&iwloc=A