Saturday, May 03, 2008

Apparently, Catholic Skool Girrlzz Have Changed

Eden wrote of her shock at encountering the atmosphere in the publicly funded Ontario Catholic school system: 'One school where I spoke yesterday, likewise Catholic and state-funded, had a display table on testicular cancer just inside the front door.
But the real surprise came after the lecture at Holy Cross when students left messages on Eden's website so abusive that the Religious Life coordinator for the London Ontario school board later apologized.
One student wrote, "You are a SLUT!! You're not a virgin! Face reality. PS- Just because we wear short skirts does not make us whores! Many of us are still virgins and wear short skirts! ALSO, a lot of us LOVE SEX!!!! So what?! You're just making us want to have sex more. So just shutup cuz no one cares about your life."
"I'm a catholic and i absolutely love having sex... does it mean im a bad person? No, i think that chastity should be up to the person, I believe in making my own decisions on my lifestyle, based on what i feel is right its called cultural relativism."

Back in my day they could spell a bit better.


Red Tory said...

Lifesite… what a treasure-trove of lunacy.

By the way, it’s horribly unfair to make critical comments about spelling. Right-wingers tell me this all the time. To them, spelling is completely irrelevant. As too it seems is basic education and a fact-based, empirical appreciation of reality. Placing importance on these things simply demonstrates that you’re that most loathed of creatures — a snooty “liberal elitist” that’s “out of touch” with the mainstream folks that “play by the rules” and “pay their taxes” (oh, and watch NASCAR) as Ryan Sparrow puts it.

Ti-Guy said...

Here's Ms Junior Anti-Sex League's post referred to in the article.

A lot of guys (including a few priests/laypersons) commenting on the state of Catholic girl virtue.

I find the whole thing creepy. And frankly, when are the English Catholic high schools in Ontario schools going to ditch those pervy kilts?

Reality Bites said...

"US Chastity Speaker Meets "Toughest Crowd" at Ontario Catholic High School"

I don't think this is an insult that Catholic High School students across Ontario and, indeed, across Canada, should take lying down.

I call on Catholic high school students everywhere to show her what a bunch of wimps these guys and gals really are.

buckets said...

RB. "lying down"? smirk.

Suzanne said...

For once I agree with Ti-guy (hey, there's a first time for everything).

We know the girls have been rolling up their skirts for decades: why don't they just bloody well make them wear pants?

When I went to an elementary school with uniforms, we had jumpers made of thick polyester. Not sexy at all.

Reality Bites said...

Well not on you, no.

Ti-Guy said...

I remember those jumpers. I had to wear navy pants and a white shirt.

I don't think any French Catholic High school has uniforms now.