Friday, May 30, 2008

What, No F*cking?

I was at the special Hill pre-screening of Young People Fucking - yes, the notorious Canadian film that has caused such consternation at the C-10 hearings before the Senate banking committee. The verdict? Absurdly wholesome, and really very sweet. The kind of movie that sucks you in when you’re flipping through the channels on a Sunday afternoon.

I knew it was going to be a loser.

So I guess that means the next movie my wife drags me off to see will be "Sex In The City". Apparently, there were no guys at the London Premiere, except a few that looked too hot to be straight. I'm thinking of going disguised in a wig and a dress so people who see me in the lineup won't think I'm gay. I'll probably shave first.

Do any cars blow up? Is there any machine gun fire? A villain with weird hair and a cool scar? Somebody help me.

What I'll Be Up Against!

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Ti-Guy said...

When Charles McVety was on a panel discussion about C-10 on TV0's The Agenda a while back, Steve Paikin announced that when they were looking for a clip of Young People Fucking to show for discussion purposes, he (or his staff) could find very little that would have been apppropriate. I didn't know what that meant, really, but it certainly implied that the movie was somehow singularly outrageous and set the proper tone for McVety's blubbery blibbering about public morality and decency and the use of tax incentives for cultural products.

It appeared no one else on the panel had seen anything from the movie either.

You have to wonder just how many times people who appear in news and current events media to address something have any evidence for what they're asserting. Of course, when it comes to "conservatives" that's all the time.