Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's A New Record

...for flying flying fish.


Dante said...

Clearly the oceans are getting so cold that these fish need to fly around to get warmer. For the love of God Alberta...please crank oil sand production up for the love of the fish.

Ti-Guy said...

Why do you guys insist on ruining every whimsical post with humour? Or should I say "humour?" Or better yet:

Conserva-Humour(tm) with Banalitol!

By the way, what did I just watch?

bigcitylib said...

You watched the longest recorded flight ever observed in a particular species of flying fish.

Astounding, huh?

b_nichol said...

Just a guess, but the best way to catch these guys is with a FLY-rod.

(Oh, I kill myself)

Ti-Guy said...

You know Ti-Guy...I briefly considered adding "...and shut the f*** up Ti-Guy" to my first post but though there might be a small chance that you would curb your pious scolding that seems to be on autopilot lately.

Hmpf. Try to be nice and this is the thanks you get.