Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Has There Ever Been An Opposition Leader As Powerful As Stephane Dion?

Just kidding, but I like this little rhetorical stratagem, which the Libs have been deploying a lot over the past few weeks:

The "hour draws nigh" for the federal Conservative government to face an election, says the deputy-leader of the Liberal party [Michael Ignatieff].
However, that can also only come at the call of one person - Liberal leader Stephane Dion.

Not really true, given the makeup of Parliament--both the Bloc and NDP would have to be on board to bring down the Tories. But, if you want to buff up Dion's leadership credentials, why not imply that he's actually the guy calling the shots in the HOC? Kind of like making lemonaid out of lemons, especially since the media is actually starting to buy it.

PS. But did he really have to say "draws nigh"? Who does Iggy think he is? E.A. Poe?

PPS. Meanwhile, Jason is doing some serious work on the Tories In-And-Out Polling Scandal.


Ti-Guy said...

I don't see any other strategy for the Liberals. The only way forward for the Cons is to become even more shrill and hysterical and the media's really, really enjoying that lately. And if common sense breaks out and the Cons actually decide to shut up, well...then everybody wins. Since the Harpies hate that, I doubt that's likely.

Whatever happens, the economy's not going to stop tanking if we have an election, and no one's going to be able to stop whatever surprise the American (and other) plutocrats are planning for the summer.

Dante said...

PS. But did he really have to say "draws nigh"? Who does Iggy think he is? E.A. Poe?

Walt Whitman

AS the time draws nigh, glooming, a cloud,
A dread beyond, of I know not what, darkens me.
I shall go forth,
I shall traverse The States awhile....

RuralSandi said...

Nice to hear some new vocabulary if you ask me....the constant CPC rhetoric "for 13 years", "we're getting the job done", etc is getting absolutley boring.

Perhaps it to fool the CPC caucus - their vocabulary is quite limited.

tdwebste said...

Thanks for the Laugh!!!

Laughed so hard it hurts.

Or was that pain from watching sickening events unfold.