Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Tory Scandal Involves No Cleavage

Therefore it is not nearly as fun to write about as this scandal, which involves maximum cleavage. Nevertheless:

MONTREAL–RCMP officers recently visited Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier to discuss photos of him shaking hands with a globe-trotting Montreal businessman who was later arrested in a police sweep targeting Mohawk organized crime groups

According to the website of Global Village,Mr. Michael Chamas' company, he has also met recently with Quebec Tory candidate for Papineau Mustaque Sarker. His legal problems include weapons and tax charges.

(Note:picture from Cleavage-Gate, which is clearly the better of the two scandals)


Canajun said...

I'm no Bernier fan by a long shot, so this is all great fun. But scandal? Come on. This is just one of those get-your-picture-taken-with-a-cabinet-minister deals. He probably never met the guy before or since, and likely didn't even know his name. This kind of nonsense just detracts from the real story, which is his inneffectiveness as a cabinet minister, and the Harpercite's refusal to take any action against an obviously faltering minister.
But I'm glad you used the other picture - much more interesting.

biff said...

Interesting how the Liberals choose to allocate their opportunity costs.

By opportunity costs I'm referring to the precious, finite time a political party has:

in allocated time during question period,

in the few seconds of sound bites in media coverage, and

the more general time in between elections that must be devoted to the most important issues one has against the ruling party.

Dedicating such precious time on years old ex relationships of an MP's ex relationship, speaks volumes about the complete lack of substance of the current Liberal party. There are very vital issues facing Canadians, and the Liberals SHOULD be pressing the ruling party on those, should be putting forth an alternate vision, for the good of Canada. But instead we see this pathetic display.

Most Canadians don't perform the above calculus in such detail, but they all "get it" in very simple terms: those who act petty and desperate, do so because they are....petty and desperate.

Most importantly, the Liberals are crying out from the rooftops that they are not anywhere close to being a serious party ready to govern.

Ti-Guy said...

I don't blame Bernier (at this point) for not having that "6th sense" of knowing when you're dealing with someone unsavoury.

In any case, judging from the "conservative" supporters you encounter online, a lot of them sound like Hell's Angels or seem familiar with organised crime of one variety or another. That may, of course, simply be the consequences of these dateless losers playing too much Grand Theft Auto in their mother's basement, but some of them have the habits of practiced liars that take a lifetime of criminality to perfect. Something, I might add, which the credulous rubes that make up the rest of the conservative rank-and-file would never notice.

Take Biff, for example. What's amazing about him is that he can do both credulous rube and practiced liar.

Anyway, I can't find any information on what kind of business Global Village Solutions International Inc. was, but that should be investigated in terms of connections to the Conservative Party, or any party, for that matter.

biff said...

Care to point to a single "lie",


Just one will do.

This will be interesting....

biff said...

Smearing is easy (and hence the "go to" rhetorical device among those with limited intellectual means).

So, ti-guy, I'm giving you an opportunity to back up your smear, and elevate your status from the rock bottom location you currently preside in the blogosphere.

Ti-Guy said...

Heh. I've had teenagers, Biff. The lying they do is precisely the type you do (and precisely the type I did as a teenager); make up shit that you know no one has any way of verifying without a full forensic investigation, wait until you're called a liar, insist that someone prove it and then talk about that endlessly.

My kids got allowance, teevee and computer time cut off when they tried to pull that with me. Wasn't much of a problem after age 14 or so, after which my children got quite a bit of freedom because their parents trusted them.

Shouldn't you, a "senior executive" with children really understand all of that at his age?

biff said...

Ahhh, the I "make shit up" charge.

And blaming me for your lack of ability to prove your scandalous allegations, to boot.

I see why you stay safely off the playing field of debate, content on hurling insults from the sidelines.

Hurling insults primarily exposes your petulance, while mitigating your intellectual limitations. Attempting to engage in the substance of a discussion exposes your limitations for all to see.

At least your smart enough to know you're not smart enough.

biff said...

Let's work backwards, ti-guy.

I think I can help you out.

Step 1:

Realize that it's OK for others to have an opposing point of view. It doesn't make them evil, and it doesn't make you "stupid". Whatever feelings of inadequacy that you may have are you're responsibility.

Step 2:

Recognize that disagreeing with someone does not make them a "liar". Such charges are made regularly by those who constantly profess to know the absolute truth, about everything. It's a rhetorical device used to avoid or silence debate. At the heart of fascist thought.

Step 3:

Resist the urge to use profanity or other high-handed language. This is closely associated with step 1. If you cannot truly accept that another may have an opposite point of view, then at least recognize from a self interested standpoint, that your point is only diminished (or opposed) by such language. Not only is it bad form, it reduces the impact of the point you're making.

Follow the above steps and you may be on your way to a more thoughtful, and yes enjoyable, blogging experience.

Ti-Guy said...

What are you a "senior executive" of, Biff?

As for all your lies, well, they disappeared when Red Tory deleted his original blog...and whose current blog you avoid, naturally, since Haloscan can potentially expose you or prevents you from sock-puppeting.

Funny, that.

Raging Ranter said...

Biff, you're not trying to use a logical argument with Ti-Guy are you? Surely you must by now realize that such a strategy is wasted upon such an obviously unbalanced individual.

Ti-Guy said...

Ah, there's the Ranting Fatty, trying to enlist support from all other Heathers. What happend to your former posse? Did they all finally succumb to alcoholism?

Anyway, shut up for a bit, Fatty. I want Biff to support the assertion he made that he's "a senior executive." Besides, no one needs you hanging your stink of dateless desperation over what is already, a very demoralising discussion.

biff said...

Tsk, tsk, ti-guy.

Demanding that I disprove your allegations of a "lie" (regarding personal information about me, which would require me to lose the right of anon posting - a right which you enjoy to the fullest, no less) while you provide no evidence whatsoever of the charge.

At least you've come to grips with your location at the bottom of the blogoshpere barrel.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm sure you can be sufficiently circumscribed and still provide some substantiation to the assertion that you're a "senior executive."

Jesus; it's not that hard. Just make something up.

Take your time. While you do that, I'll be over at a Haloscan-enabled blog, talking smack about you and your boyfriend.

Raging Ranter said...

All discussions to which you are a party are demoralizing. It's your interest in the private lives of other commenters that I find a little.... creepy. Demands for answers pertaining to Biff's job, my social life, all peppered with constant references to sex. (Remember when you were actually demanding I send you pictures?) It's a sad display of just how acutely disabling your psychiatric pathology is becoming? Obsessing over the intimate details of the lives of men you've never met is highly dysfunctional. Isn't there ANYTHING the doctors can do?

Raging Ranter said...

...I do know know your baffling anti-social behaviour is a reflection of personal psychology.

Isn't that pretty much what I just said to you?

Were you one of those kids who kept saying "That's you. What am I?" when they were teased as a kid? Just a wild guess.

Ti-Guy said...

Isn't that pretty much what I just said to you?

And? You're an idiot and you're psychotic. Do you think I care what your psych evaluation of me is?

I'm not the one who went to all the trouble to photoshop a "Ti-Guy's Dummy's Guide to Prison Sex" and post the image on his blog.

Now, granted, you may not be as crazy as some of the people you've chosen to find common cause with, but that is something I don't care anything about.

Now, go send "Loomis" or "Knight of the Right" or some other fuck-buddy of yours over and have him psychoanalyse me for a bit.

You could use the break.

By the way...where did "Fakename" go?

Raging Ranter said...

It was Ti-Guy's Prison Sex for Dummies, with a subtitle of Life in a Cell, Not a Celibate Life to be exact. Jesus, at least get that right.