Saturday, May 03, 2008

In And Out Part Duh!!

Here's the Winnipeg Free Press Story that sets the stage:

Elections Canada is continuing an investigation into an alleged Conservative plot to conceal advertising expenses. NDP MP Pat Martin wrote to the commissioner of elections Friday asking the federal agency to expand its probe to include Tory candidates who transferred money to the federal party for polling.

And here's the 50 Tories that might be in a bit of trouble.

HAWN, Laurie 15,000
LAKE, Mike 15,000

DALTON, Marc 19,999.90
DUNCAN, John 20,000
EIDSVIK, Phil 15,000
GREWAL, Nina 20,000
HIEBERT, Russ 20,000
KAMP, Randy 20,000
MATTA, David 15,000
MOORE, James 20,000
SCOTT, Mike 15,000
SOWDEN, Norm 15,850 (note: the recipient is listed as “election surveys/research)
ZEISMAN, Derek 20,000

BEZAN, James 20,000
FLETCHER, Steven 20,000

ALLAN, Mike 15,000

ALBRECHT, Harold 15,000
BAIRD, John 15,000
BROWN, Lois 15,000
BROWN, Patrick 15,000
CALLOW, Bob 15,000
CAPOBIANCO, John 15,000
CARRIE, Colin 20,000
CHIRICO, Peter 15,000
CLEMENT, Tony 15,000
CUTLER, Allan 15,000
DEL MASTRO, Dean 15,000
FLAHERTY, Jim 15,000
GOODYEAR, Gary 15,000
GOSAL, Bal 15,000
GRAVES, Don 15,000
GREEN, Phil 15,000
GRETZKY, Al 15,000
GUERGIS, Helena 20,000
LAUZON, Guy 20,000
MAILER, Dan 15,000
MANDUR, Ajmer 15,000
McCOLEMAN, Phil 15,000
NICHOLSON, Rob 20,000
NORLOCK, Rick 15,000
ODA, Bev 20,000
POLIEVRE, Pierre 20,000
REID, Scott 20,000
STANTON, Bruce 15,000
SWEET, David 15,000
WATSON, Jeff 20,000

HARRISON, Jeremy 20,000
LUKIWSKI, Tom 20,000
SCHEER, Andrew 19,000
SKELTON, Carol 20,000

TOTAL 854,849.90

From the election Canada website. Most of the payments are made to the Conservative Fund Canada, but many are made to the Conservative Party of Canada. Quite a few are made several months after the election.

h/t WL.


Dante said...

Yawn. Nobody cares.

What will be interesting is if a court rules that the Conservatives prove unequal treatment by Elections Canada to other parties. The Liberals will be forced to admit that they did something they "thought" to be wrong.
Furthermore, a finding of guilty in this situation would likely result in a fine to "ALL" parties...a fine the Liberals can ill afford to pay.

Reality Bites said...

I think Harper would be well advised to consider what happened to the Saskatchewan PC party.

They'd better hurry up and get Brenda Martin out of jail. Bev Oda may be needing her cell.

Oxford County Liberals said...

Um.. you havent been paying attention Dante (which doesn't surprise me - most Cons supporters online don't)

An overwhelming majority of Canadians disbelieve the Cons. protestations of innocence. A solid pact of those say it means they will be less likely to vote Con if proved true. There are a LOT of people who care.

The unequal treatment cry is a Cons. pipe dream. None of the media that have looked at Pipsqueak Pierre Poilivere's claims of other parties doing this nor the academics who've looked at it say this is anything but Pierre and the COns throwing out red herrings and situations totally unrelated to the situation that has caused them all the problems. Will a court that has already found their submissions of other parties supposedly doing it irrelevant and not material to the case going to find that claim of unequal treatment legitimate?

I have strong doubts they will treat it as anything but for what it is - partisan bellyaching and an attempt to besmirch an internationally respected institution like Elections Canada.

Ti-Guy said...

Be nice to Dante. He's a special needs child.

So, what does one wear to a de-certification party? Something blue?

Karen said...

Bright blue, ti-guy. Oh, on second thought that is an oxymoron isn't it?

dante, are you really that wedded to the party that you are willing to construct a complete fictional version and excuse for breaking the rules?


Mike said...

he he he..Pierre Poilievre is in that list....


Walks With Coffee said...
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Walks With Coffee said...

it is a scam the CPC invented all on its own.

No mater how you slice it, its either double entry both at the local and federal levels or it is a cheque swap to misfile transactions - either of which is a violation of GAAP, fraudulent accounting, and explicitly violates election law saying money cannot be moved in any attempt to skirt election spending limits.

When do I get to say, told yah, I've been waiting for two+ years... and I really want to say it.

James Curran said...

Oh Dante. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Red Canuck said...

You can't win with numnutzes like Dante. While adscam will live in perpetuity, Conservative malfeasance is met with "yawn". And when the courts finally throw out the garbage Conservative lawsuit, Dante will be the first in line to vilify the judiciary as being "liberal biased" and part of the vast conspiracy to keep the Conservatives down. There's nothing more predictable than idiotic Conservative posturing.

Ted Betts said...

Wells has another bit on some new information on where the plan came from, i.e. very clearly NOT the local campaign.

They are so toast on this.