Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dennis Gruending Breaks Down The National Prayer Breakfast

And finds that it conjures an image of social and moral conservatism. Mostly male, mostly white, mostly Christian, in other words.

Dennis Gruending was raised by monks and later served as MP for the New Democrats. He writes the Pulpit and Politics blog, which offers a kind-of sociological take on the intersection of politics and religion in Canada.

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Ti-Guy said...

Just how long have these prayer breakfasts been going on anyway? Forever?

In any case, they are entirely illegitimate when they don't address the issues Gruending brought up, particularly about them being "Christ centred" (no Jews allowed!), the fact that they don't feature people whom a lot of Christians actually take seriously and the lack of women at these events, who, as Christians like to insist (or would do well to understand), are central to religion and family life.

Oh, well. If these Christos are completely unconcerned about the importance of faith and public life, they'll reap what they sow..a public that turns from being largely indifferent to them to a public that is actively hostile to them.