Monday, May 05, 2008

Tory Attended Tamil Tiger Tête-à-Tête!

More Terrorist Trouble For Tories?

MONTREAL - Inside the school auditorium, the Tamil Tiger flag had been raised in a solemn ceremony and the audience of 600 people had heard a taped address from the terrorist group's leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran. Then an undercover RCMP officer watched as 'a Caucasian male' approached the podium.

'The male praised [Foreign Affairs Minister] Maxime Bernier and spoke about the position of the government, which is to favour the nonviolence, diplomatic solutions to the conflict, etc.,' says an RCMP affidavit made public on Friday by the Federal Court.

When the speaker drove his Mercedes away from the Martyrs Day celebrations organized by Montreal's World Tamil Movement last Dec. 1, a surveillance officer noted the licence plate. It belonged to Maurice Brossard, the Conservative candidate in the riding of Brossard-La Prairie on Montreal's South Shore.

Why do they hate America Canada?

(PS. Really, just the kind of thing that sometimes happens when you reach out to certain ethnic communities. But since the Navdeep Bains smear I haven't been able to work up much pity when the CPoC gets caught up in this kind of thing.)


Ti-Guy said...

But that's different. The Tamils are mostly Hindu. And the Sinhalese are mostly Buddhist.

There just aren't enough Muslims like Navdeep Bains to concern us here.


Mike said...

Pierre Poilievre used to have tones of pictures of him attending Tamil Tiger gatherings while he was in Sri Lanka after he was first elected. They have since disappeared off his website with no word.

Typical Conservative transparency and accountability eh?