Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Glimpse Into The SoCon Mind

Top ten most viewed pages from Conservapedia:

1) Main Page‎ [2,597,847]
2) Homosexuality‎ [2,392,450]
3) Teen Homosexuality‎ [417,322]
4) Wikipedia‎ [384,541]
5)Arguments Against Homosexuality‎ [332,583]
6) Homosexual Agenda‎ [331,812]
7)Adolf Hitler‎ [318,394]
8)Ex-homosexuals‎ [317,391]
9) Homosexuality and choice‎ [311,984]
10)Homosexuality and Health‎ [292,869]

From the above list it would seem that SoCon's define themselves in relation to homosexuals and, indeed, apparently live vicariously through homosexuals. The only "odd man out" (no pun intended) is "Adolf Hitler", but maybe he's there because Nazis have always been renowned for their leather gear.

h/t buckets.


Reality Bites said...

For fun I decided to check the most viewed pages on Wikipedia. While it's no surprise the SoCons are obsessed with homosexuality to the near exclusion of heterosexuality, abortion and everything else, normal people have one potentially disturbing interest as well.

Most viewed articles in February
Rank Article Page views
1 Special:Search 453219819
2 Main Page 136036288
3 Special:Random 75392423
4 Wiki 4264295
5 Special:Watchlist 3756879
6 Barack Obama 2253851
7 Valentine's Day 2082274
8 Wikipedia 1980274
9 Canine reproduction 1785111
10 John McCain 1250044

But at least the disturbing interest was beat out substantially by Canine reproduction.

bigcitylib said...

What do you get when you google John McCain and Canine reproduction?

Make sure you search google images.

Militant Dipper said...

Wow what a great post. I guess this proves that social conservatives have more then a little bit of an obsession with homosexuals. Me thinks they protest to much. The Hitler thing doesn't surprise me either, maybe they are looking for advice from their hero on how to deal with those pesky homosexuals.

Ti-Guy said...

I checked out Homopedia and this is what I found:

1. James Dobson showering with son
2. Ted Haggard's busines acquaintances
3. Gay Abortion: The 7th Sign?
4. Male virgins in dresses: Sexual morality and the Catholic Church
5. Urination stances of the male conservative political class
6. James Guckert-Gannon
7. Ann Coulter's Adam's Apple
8. Adolf Hitler
9. Candace Gingrich
10. Liz and Lez Cheney it all balances out.

buckets said...

I had no idea that conservapedia was so variable. But Hitler, apparently, is out and "Examples of Bias in Wikipedia" is in!

(This could be fun to track, actually.)

buckets said...

Might be fun to start a Conservapedia article on "WIkipaedophilia". It'd be a natural hit!

buckets said...

And now we've lost "Teen homosexuality" in favour of "The Theory of Evolution"1