Friday, May 09, 2008

The Debate Wars Heat Up

Kinsella wants to debate Steyn. Ezra wants to debate Kinsella. Steyn won't debate anyone old enough to shave.

I'll tell you what, blo-hardzz. I'll debate you all, one or severally.

But I'd especially like to get a crack at Steyn. And it doesn't matter to me what we debate. It could be the state of Freedom in Canada. Or we could do something on Chinks, Japs, Wogs, and Gorks. I'd take the "pro" side, and Mark could do his normal routine and argue that unless white women surrender a few rights and start breeding again, all of these groups all basically a drag on Western civilization.

Now, Ezra is right in that I don't get the traffic of either of these three. But the black guy who says he's Jesus comes here and he backs me 100%. Its not how many read your blog, Ezra, its who you're readers are.

I await your response.


Ti-Guy said...

I can't wait until Flaming Panties gets over his hangover to see what brilliance he contributes to this topic.

As for Steyn...he has said absolutely nothing useful about anything in his entire life, and I doubt that'll change anytime soon. A debate with him is nothing more than a spectacle, and an irritating one at that.

Levant could be fun, though. It's cute when he pretends to be angry.

Anonymous said...

Why wait for Steyn or Levant? You can debate Bruce MacKinnon of the Halifax Chronicle Herald. He has just been hauled before the Nova Scotia HRC (Hateful Reactionary Commissariat)by Zia Khan, the director for Islamic development, over a cartoon that his newspaper published. Perhaps you could get Warren Kinsella or Jack Layton to join in. That way you can all enlighten Mr. MacKinnon as to the point in time when the idea of free speech became anathema in this country.

bigcitylib said...

Yeah, she complained about the fact that her husbanded got railroaded by the RCMP (charged as part of the TO 17, then charges were dropped). So the HC prints a cartoon that portrays her as a wingnut Islamist and her husband as a terrorist. Damn right its offensive, and maybe a hate crime.

Once again, a newspaper uses its press freedoms to bash muslims. You want me to defend it?

Ti-Guy said...

That's the woman Ezra Levant is character-assassinating over at his blog.

There is nothing that would please these people more than to drive others to blow up a subway station in Toronto. You can see it in the delight they take with every vicious smear and rumour they disseminate.

If that happens, I think the rest of us should consider quite carefully who deserves a fair share of the blame. It would be irresponsible not to speculate, wouldn't it?

bigcitylib said...

She's a kook but the cartoon seems libelous to me. And Ezra is saying, well, if she was serious she would use the normal legal system and sue. But of course that's expensive. So should newspapers be able to print this kind of thing because they know how few people have the means to call them on it through the legal system?

Sounds like a rather good argument for HRCs to me.

Ti-Guy said...

And of course, if you don't follow an Erza-approved course of action and temperance while expressing yourself, well, prepare yourself for a Levant-style character-assassination, Islamofascist.

I wish I could draw; I can think of an editorial cartoon that would summarise all that quite nicely.

Johnathon said...

Read the following quotes from that wife who has filed a human rights complaint.

UPDATE: Some of Ms. Jamal's online postings:

“How can your brothers and sisters live in peace and safety while being raped, pillaged and plundered by nations and corporations vying for the wealth contained in their lands, sucking the blood of the people to get at it? Are you going to give them a Quran, spread flower petals, spray some nice scents and pray for their enlightenment?” she said in one Muslim forum.

“It is your duty to defend your (community), jihad is the order of your creator to bring about peace, by the sword, not by using misplaced (verses found in the Quran) like "There is no compulsion in religion." There is compulsion in stopping oppression. Allah has given you numerous examples and signs and commands to use violence to protect the oppressed.”

And more postings from Ms. Jamal and some of her bestest friends:

“Know what you will face one day. Let them call you a terrorist, let them make you look like a savage, but know that THIS [the American military] is the filth of the earth, the uncivilised destroyer of humanity.”

“[And] if [my husband] ever refuses a clear opportunity to leave for jihad, then i want the choice of divorce.”

“All muslim politicians are corrupt. There's no one out there willing to rule the country by the laws of Allah, rather they fight to rule the country by the laws of democracy.”

“Are you accepting a system that separates religion and state? Are you gonna give your pledge of allegiance to a party that puts secular laws above the laws of Allah? Are you gonna worship that which they worship? Are you going to throw away the most important thing that makes you a muslim?”

“May Allah crush these jews, bring them down to their kneees, humuliate them. Ya Allah make their women widows and their children orphans.”

“May Allah curse the jews.. Ameen”

So, who should be charged with the hate crime.

Clearly, this lady hates Jews and Americans and clearly stated so.

She should be charged under the criminal code for "hating" a group of people.

Again, here is a perfect example of loons like Ti-Guy and the bigCltyLib choosing radical muslims as friends and soulmates rather than the free world.

What a joke.

Ti-Guy said...

Again, here is a perfect example of loons like Ti-Guy and the bigCltyLib choosing radical muslims as friends and soulmates rather than the free world.

And I should take the side of a crack-addled psychopath and put him in charge of security and intelligence services to uncover real threats to my security...why, exactly?

Change "jews" to "queers" in the above commentary and you'd pretty much have what passes for normal discourse in most rightwing forums. If you think people who write those things should be rounded up and interrogated, well..I agree.

Anonymous said...

Ezra has a conflict of interest on free speech matters seeing as he makes his living as a defamation lawyer. Kinsella, a LSUC thingie, has a similar conflict of interest, given Ontario's reputation as a destination for libel tourists, and is also on record as saying "First, I am a censor", not a great way to kick off a free speech debate.

Steyn is the finest writer money can buy :-) I can't see how he'd lose to you or the aforementioned in a debate. His America Alone arguments would suggest he's cool with twenty million illegal Hispanic immgrants, and don't map well on to Canada, though, for two reasons:

1) Muslims immigrants are doing really well statistically in Canada in education, income, etc.; if his brilliant plan is to replace these immigrants with immigrants from, say, Haiti, one is entirely justified in questioning his conclusions.

2) While Islam is the fastest growing religion, Natives are the fastest growing ethnic group. And they're not doing quite as well as Muslims, shall we say. They also outnumber Muslims presently by ~2:1.

Regardless of their conflicts of interest I'd still love to see any of the aforementioned debate. Better: debate format lends it self well to reality TV, or Youtube.

Johnathon said...

Ti-Guy, are you in love with John Baird seeing your a homosexual.

Just curious, but not in your way.


Reality Bites said...

Being homosexual quite frankly doesn't make a guy much more likely to be attracted to John Baird than being heterosexual does.

Oddly enough though, being a heterosexual male makes one FAR more likely to be attracted to Stephen Harper than a typical homosexual male or heterosexual woman is.

Unknown said...

=Once again, a newspaper uses its press freedoms to bash muslims. You want me to defend it?=

The type of free speech you practise here is at least as odious if not more so, so sure BCL, try defending it.

You bash other religions and groups with malice and without qualification, so why the special treatment from you towards Muslims?

Anonymous said...

"Its not how many read your blog, Ezra, its who you're readers are."

Well then you are totally butt screwed because 90% or so of your traffic is from someone/something called "ti-guy".

Talk about losing before the game starts.

Ti-Guy said...

Lord, is it impossible for the Conservative cretins to say anything new?

Paul S: "U bash teh religios two!"
Fred: "I hatez tee-guy!!"


Unknown said...

You haven't found anything Steyn has ever written to be interesting ti-guy? I find that hard to believe even from you.

If you and BCL find him so offensive, the solution is simple:
1) Don't buy Macleans
2) Don't read his column.

Easy, eh?

Ti-Guy said...

You haven't found anything Steyn has ever written to be interesting ti-guy?

I've known for a long time that the unlettered Mark Steyn doesn't understand evidence and credible sources (and documentation referring to those appalling weaknesses clutters the Internet). He also doesn't understand statistics. Why do you think Regnery published "America Alone?"

I only read things I'll learn something from, not things which demand that I do a lot more work to establish its credibility.

1) Don't buy Macleans
2) Don't read his column.

MacLeans receives 3.5 million a year from the federal Publications Assistance Programme. Besides, what gave you the idea I'm looking for advice about what I should do to avoid criticising the people who command attention in our news media?

Bizarre. Anyway, why don't you stop making ignorant comments? I'm sure that would be easy too.

Oxford County Liberals said...

I don't know why you allow Johnathon (or Fred Bracken) to continue on here, BCL. He's nothing but a troll. The only good purpose he serves is we get to see Ti-guy's amusing putdowns of him.