Monday, June 13, 2011

A Blast From Ezra's Past:

Despite his constant criticism of CBC as a "state broadcaster" spouting propaganda "on the tax-payers dime", Ezra Levant sponged up government dough when he ran The Western Standard.  And, when it went under, what happened to its subscribers?

I wasn’t a Western Standard subscriber — I received its e-mails because I had registered for its website, in hopes it would provide grist for this blog. As it has. It is to laugh. All those loyal subscribers with their avaricious belief in the free-market, now invited to place their subscriptions where the liberal sun don’t shine. Perfect.

Levant didn’t help matters by telling The Globe and Mail that “the magazine wasn’t purely an economic mission to begin with, but also a moral one.” Apparently that morality doesn’t extend to meeting one’s financial commitments.

Levant also left the WS' new owners with a real stinker of a blog post, which drew calls for Muslim genocide in the comments and resulted in a police investigation and, eventually a grovelling apology from Matthew Johnston, the mag's new editor.

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Dr.Dawg said...

Levant has such a winsome personality that he deserves far more, not less, exposure. I would love more folks to see what conservatism is in the flesh, so to speak, every fast and bulbous moment. And for gender baalnce, who better than Shaidle, with her screechy voice and silly look-at-me gambits?

Put 'em up in lights, I say. They are what this diseased politics is all about.