Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Great Sea Serpent

So I am browsing through the shelves at Argosy Books, which has become my favorite Ottawa Area bookstore, and the owner is showing me some old, hard-bound reports from various archaeological societies, and I see a copy of an early translation (1904, I think) of The Great Sea Serpent by Anthonie Cornelis Oudemans . This was the first attempt to systematize all previous reports of anomalous sea-creature sightings from all over the planet.  A beautiful volume--there's a little drawing of the Daedalous monster (left) on the cover.  I looked at the price...$1,250...thought a moment of selling one of my kidneys, and then said no thank you.


double nickel said...

That's what credit cards are for :)

Lars said...

Urgh. But even a copy of Heuvelman's On the Track of Unknown Animals, which is by no means an antique, costs a fortune these days.

Anonymous said...

Theirs are no proof for sea serpent.

Maria[zoot suit]