Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Quick Note On Megatrials And Bill C-2

I see that Vijay Sappani is getting upset with Lizzy May For demanding hearings into Bill C-2.  He seems to think that all "due diligence" has already been completed by the various parties.  It has not been.  The predecessor to C-2 was Bill C-53, introduced in November of last year.  As you can see through the link, it did not even make it to 2nd reading.  No debate.  No committee work.  No nothing.  I think Vijay is being naive when he says the NDP would have jumped all over the bill if they'd seen problems with it.  My feeling is they see an  opportunity to score a few cheap points, and are going for it.  You should realize that they're not incapable of crude demagoguery, their "principles" notwithstanding.

And Vijay, dude, those Hell's Angels are gone and they ain't coming back, no matter how quickly the HOC acts on this bill.  Hence, whatever did or did not happen in their case is no excuse for unseemly haste now.  Also, lets face it, the Torys agenda for the upcoming year is minimalist in the extreme.  It isn't as though C-2 will get crowded out by something else.  Let it be debated.

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