Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fox News North DeadPool!

After Theo Caldwell, who's next out the door at Sun TV?

Glen McGregor says that Lilley (By-Line) and The Ez (The Source)  aren't doing bad,
...but if you look at the numbers, everyone else is pretty seriously on the bubble.  Canada Live is the bodacious but no-talent Ms. Erickson; the Daily Brief is Akin; Adler is Adler.  The 2nd set of figures are evening repeats.

My bet is Adler will be taking that big booming voice of his back to Mushaboo within three months.  Anyone wants to venture an alternative hypothesis in the comments, feel free.  The prize for guessing right--should we ever meet (which I doubt) and I have cash at the time (but who knows?)--will be an ice-cream cone of whatever flavour you choose.  But only one scoop, and no sparkles, because I am not made of money.


Robert McClelland said...

OT: An update on what the Shaidle's new friends are up to.

Frunger said...

It's tough to give them a real critical look until they are available to most of the country. Bell doesn't have them still. Telus doesn't have them. Most of the country still doesn't have access. Once they do we can start to see what thier impact really is.

No matter what you think of the political slant of the new network, I think everyone can agree that the Canadian TV provider market is basically a mob racket. They should get slammed by the competition regulator for keeping out a new station that competes with their existing properties.

It's an incestuous oligopoly the Conservatives would do well to disrupt. They are already working towards fixing wireless services by allowing Wind in.

Tof KW said...

"But only one scoop, and no sparkles, because I am not made of money."

Coincidentally, neither is SUNNews :)

To Frunger - the 24-hour news channel market in this country was already way over-saturated before SUNNews kicked in, we already have CBC-NN, CTV-NC, and CP24 in addition to the US and international cable news channels available. And what exactly did SUN expect when they hoisted their el-cheapo cable news channel up against Bell, Rogers, etc, who are already flogging their own money-losing channels?

I look forward to everyone just easing back, letting SUNNews say and do whatever they want complaints, and slowly watching them die.

Anonymous said...

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