Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fox News North In Dutch With CBSC

I've never played through the youtube clip of  that interview Sun TV's Krista Erickson did with interpretive dancer Margie Gillis, but I'd already been told that it got the Canadian arts community up in arms.  Apparently, more up in arms than I'd ever imagined.  From the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council:

This note is directed to those persons who:

1.may be contemplating the filing of a complaint with the CBSC regarding the interview with Margie Gillis on an episode of Canada Live; or

2.have filed such a complaint since June 8.

While the CBSC wishes to thank everyone who has taken the time to send a complaint to the CBSC concerning the Krista Erickson interview with Margie Gillis on an episode of Canada Live, the volume of complaints already sent to us exceeds the Council’s resources.


So, many thanks for contacting the CBSC or contemplating doing so.  We have more than enough substance to go on to resolve the concerns regarding the interview with Margie Gillis on an episode of Canada Live.

Sounds like an organized effort on behalf of Ms. Gillis.  Got get 'em., artsy types, although I'm still pretty sure "Voice of Fire" ripped off the New York Giants.


double nickel said...

Yay Artists?

Holly Stick said...

Of course the rightwingers suspect arts funding was used to organize the complaints (not sure where the figure 4100 came from).


Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with you on "Voice of Fire". It seemed like a big flag to me.

The Rothko they have (had) in the same room though, man is that powerful.

sassy said...

Someone should start keeping track, there will likely be many more complaints to come.

Oemissions said...

Hey! it wasn't just artists.
Margie has a huge amount of friends and fans
I knew her back in the 70's when i lived on the old main in Montreal near the mountain,favourite habitat of the Anglais arts community
Since then, Margie has danced and taught classes all across Canada, including an annual course at the popular Hollyhock retreat centre on Cortez Island
I have tuned into her journeys for years
I saw the facebook NOTE from an artist and it hit the social grapevine
You only have to watch the first 5 minutes of the interview to be shocked enough to share and write your complaint(s)
first time i ever saw anything on THAT network
The note urged us to boycott the place as well

ridenrain said...

I'd bet the CBC Vote Compass got more complaints but we'll never know because the CBC refuses to answer questions.

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact the arts accounts for 7.4% of Canada's gross domestic product - ridenrain and other con types are surprised that Margie Gillis's colleagues are offended on her behalf as a result of Krista Erickson's rude display of fabulous ignorance. After all only around a million Canadians hold jobs in the cultural sector.

Q:How retarded is your view ridenrain?

A:ridenrain, your view is stupefyingly retarded

ridenrain said...

If it was so profitable and sustainable, she wouldn't need public funding.

bigcitylib said...

Same applies to the tar sands, r&r.

ridenrain said...

The oil sands has potential to pay for itself. Every tank of gas bought in Canada could instead come from the oil sands instead of some foreign source.

When was the last time you paid money to go see interpretive dance?

Anonymous said...

What is "interpretive" dance ridenrain? Sheesh! You don't get out much do you. For your benefit check out this link:


You appear to be arguing that taxpayers should subsidize HUGE corporations which are fully capable of paying their own way. Is that so?

Holly Stick said...

Stupid ridenrain would rather give away money to greedy foreign polluting corporations who do not invest it back into Canada or even clean up their messes, instead of giving money to Canadian artists who would spend it here and improve our economy while making Canada a more beautiful place.

Unknown said...

"If it was so profitable and sustainable, she wouldn't need public funding."

Kinda like hockey?

ridenrain said...

Margie Gillis:
"Then we'll be able to change the plasticity in the mind and the mind can then hunter-gather, if you will, for a solution ... we're looking at ways to tease out these problems experientially so that the mind will then grow new plasticities and new ways for people to create new solutions to their own problems"

Yeah.. Nothing flaky about that.

From the silence, it looks like none here have paid to see her. I imagine it's much like donating to the Liberal party, something that someone else should do.

Anonymous said...

Dear r&r,

Your answer to my question conflates the way the work is spoken about with what the work IS, not to mention the fact your (quote?) is linkless and out of context.

It's clear to me your attitude is one of culturally bereft philistinism. That's gotta be a dry bone to chew on after awhile. But heym it's your plate and somehow, you got it for free.

wv: palingyl

Holly Stick said...

Stupid ridenrain cannot do research properly. Who talks about neuroplasticity? Why, it's Dr. Margie B. Gillis, an American who teaches children to read, and who writes about learning disabilities, etc.:



On the other hand, this magnificent blog post quotes our own Margie Gillis with great admiration and understanding:


Anonymous said...

Watch news in fox or CNN mosre reliable than CBC.