Monday, June 13, 2011

Might Have been On Global Tonight

...interviewed this aft about a "needle" they found in a head of lettuce at a No-Frills close to my place.  Don't know if they mean a syringe or a knitting needle.  They caught up with me in the parking-lot.   I was wearing a black  "The Cure" t-shirt, and gave a shout out to Longo's as the only sanitary place to shop in T.O. these days. 

If I made the tape, do I still sound like a gay waiter?  I'm trying to fix that.

PS.  Here's the story Global scambled their news van for this.  Must have been a slow news day.

1 comment:

UU4077 said...

OMG! What ever shall I do? There's no Longo's in my part of the country.