Friday, June 24, 2011

E&E Distances Itself From Peiser, GWPF And AGW Denialist Movement

E&E = Energy And Environment, the climate change denialists journal of choice.  Peiser = Benny Peiser,up until recently co-editor of the journal, but now also working for the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF),  a denialist lobby group headed-up by Mr. Peiser and launched by he and Lord Nigel Lawson, Baron of Blaby (I'm not kidding), and father of the beautiful Nigella.  Lawson is also a long-time climate change denier.

E&E's  last brush with fame was a few months ago, when Gavin Schmidt of Real Climate claimed that the magazine had "dispensed with substantive peer review" and another editor, Bill Hughes, threatened libel in response.  This kerfuffle reached the U.K MSM, and I'm happy to say I helped a bit by relating the story of Oliver "Iron Sun" Manuel's dealings with E&E, which pretty clearly demonstrated what a piece of crap the journal has become.

Well, there appears to be a bit of a rethink at the magazine.  Peiser is out as co-editer, and any connection with the GWPF appears to have been severed.  Editer Sonja A Boehmer-Christiansen  writes:

A few important announcements need to be made. Firstly, E&E is not the journal of climate sceptics or deniers, as some have asserted, but will continue to publish papers (seriously peer reviewed) and Viewpoints by these people in order to inform the energy ‘community’ - academic as well as professional - that the science debate which underlies so much of its current activities is by no means over. There may well be a need for a pure science journal dedicated to debating the AGW hypothesis and any role for E&E in this debate would disappear if mainstream scientific publications ceased to reject voices that disagreed with the IPCC line. Secondly, I would like to express my deep thanks to Dr. Benny Peiser for having acting as my co-editor for several turbulent years, but he has returned to our Editorial Board and will remain a valuable support. His work at the Global warming Policy Foundation now keeps him very busy in London. Also, a clear distinction between this lobby group and Energy & Environment may be now be desirable.

Note that this isn't the first time E&E has been burned for their stance re AGW; in 2010 both Bjorn Lomborg and Jim Skea quit the editorial board over this issue.

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