Monday, June 06, 2011

It Won't Last

Verdict: Civility is boring. We want blood. I give it a week until John Baird drops his pants and tells the opposition to witness his foreign policy.

Also, The Sun has either shopped this photo out of bias so Mr. Layton looks like a pinhead, or he is one. Whatever.


sharonapple88 said...

Kady O'Malley had a funny comment about this: "I gotta say it's a fine line between "civilized", "muted" and "a lifeless outing."

If MPs looked bored, and one was seen nodding off -- if the policy wonks don't look interested in what they're doing....

Steve Bloom said...

An eerie resemblance.

Tof KW said...

Rosie Barton just tweeted this a few minutes ago:
So much for the civility says Baird to Charlie Angus.

Question Period is back to the old days again thanks to the AG's G20 spending report.

Yup, didn't last a week... and who picked Thursday in the pool?