Thursday, June 30, 2011

Your Daily Nazi: News For Jews!

1) The Dykes and Trans People for Palestine aren't the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, but they do plan to march during Pride week, and they will 

... be using the term "Israeli Apartheid" in our signs, banners, and messaging.

But they're not the QuAIA, who Rob Ford and others have condemned.  And the phrase "Israeli Apartheid" hasn't yet been defined as hate speech by the city.  Oooh!  Clever dykes!  What will be the result?  Will Pride lose is funding? 

We already know that Meir Weinstein and the JDL (Jewish Defense League) are pissed, and plan to confront the dissident dykes.  That might be fun.  Meir knows martial arts, though I hear his hip is starting to go and he can't do that patented IDF spin and kick move he's famous for.  How many dykes can he take down before he is overwhelmed?

2) Speaking of Meir, remember when he invited leaders from the English Defense League to an on-line confab with JDL hardcores?  Well, the EDL has now officially gone the full Nazi, embracing the Protocols of Zion and whatnot!  And you brought 'em to Canada (if only virtually), Meir and the JDL!  Hanging out with Holocaust Deniers!  You must be so damn proud.

PS. I have no idea why the font on this one looks so weird.  But I'm too tired to fix it now.


croghan27 said...

Your comment elsewhere:

"Given how much this sounds like Mark Steyn, is it possible all these people are THE SAME GUY writing under a 100 different pseuds?"

Was precious.

Anonymous said...

post is appreciated especially for all those jews!