Monday, June 13, 2011

Go Lizzy May!

Elizabeth May is the only MP in the HOC, and The Green Party the only party (by definition!) in favour of due diligence when it comes to legislatin' crime laws. Also clever on the part of the Dippers, politically, but do they really want to stand for Justice rushed?

But at least these two parties both have discernable positions. Where's the LPoC? Are they waiting for Alf Apps to prognosticate?  Or are they content to play the role of metoos, initiating nothing?


kitt said...

Liberal Leader Bob Rae said he supports seeing the bill passed before the summer recess: "I do think it's important, particularly after the recent events in Quebec with respect to the Hell's Angels, that a very clear message be sent."

No need to knock Apps until one reads the news story.

CK said...

Yep, I read that apparently, Comartin has spoken with Irwin Cotler, and Cotler is on board. However, I'm glad Lizzie May is putting the breaks on. Justice rushed is certainly not wise. This bill is scary and will do nothing to deter organized crime. Those 31 bikers in Quebec would likely have gotten off anyway by some other creative lawyering.

bigcitylib said...

Missed that, Kit. Actually meant to link to this:

...where he says he wants it passed in the next week or so but wants to send it to committee, which sounds like an impossibility.