Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fox News North Death Spiral Continues Spiralling Towards Death

..but perhaps  a wee bit more slowly.

Looks like Theo Caldwell (who?) is out and Michael Coren is in at Sun TV.  Once thing about Michael Coren: while I can't stand his writing, he is a smooth and quite genial talk show host.  The only problem: other than the now exited Mr. Caldwell (who?), nobody in Sun TV's line-up constitutes anything like a new face, and so it will continue to be difficult for them to attract new viewers.  Mr. Coren's is a known quantity and his addition won't help that situation much.

One interesting side note: Coren was approached back in March by FNN and offered a position, which he refused, citing the fact that he could produce as well as host his CTS show.  This change of heart makes me wonder at the financial state of CTS.


CK said...

That is interesting, Coren's change of heart. I, too, remember him saying back then he wasn't interested in joining FNN. I wonder if his new show will have the same format?

Anonymous said...

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