Thursday, June 02, 2011

Your Daily Nazi: Fox News North To Interview Marc Lemire!

Dets here! First Ezra did Shaidle, now Lemire.  He must thinking giving these guys a platform is going to get some government somewhere to act.

Update: The message on FreeD has been disappeared.  Don't know what that signifies.  You can see it on google here.


Tof KW said...

First Ezra did Shaidle

Perhaps you should re-phrase that?

Gene Rayburn said...

True, I felt the need to vigorously wash myself after that.

Anonymous said...

What's so sad about these people is that they talk a good game on their blogs and discussion boards, but when they go on Ezra's show, they are as vanilla as a bureaucrat. Shaidle was more provocative on Paikin's show than she is on Ezra's. They play Mr./Mrs. Mainstream to garner sympathy, which shows that they think their own argument for their type of speech is weak in front of the average viewer.
After all, even I support Shaidle's right to spew awful things on the internet, but if she's not gonna come clean and read some of her greatest hits on air, then she isn't being honest

Mordechai Maizel said...

Don't you get it? They are now beside themselves. They were convinced that when Harper got his majority he would move immediately to rescind most of the hate laws and especially s13.

Instead he made more ominous anti-speech regs pertaining to the internet telegraphing (do we still use that phrase?) the fact that he will strengthen anti-hate laws not do away with them.

These folks have nothing more to say. Their lives have come to a grinding halt. Yes if you read Shaidle she has been more or less reduced to attacking Bernie Farber because he has decided to run as a "Lib" candidate in Thornhill and even here she is so nuts that if people blindly (or otherwise) stumble on to her site they come away (as do I) seeing Farber as a hero who has taken on these bigots. Its really too bad more mainstrem folk couldnt see Shaidle's shameless targeting, Farber would become a full-fleged folk hero.

So let Shaidle, Lemire and the other of their ilk talk amongst themselves on Ezra's show. fewer people will see them on SunTV as would actually read them on their blogs.

Anonymous said...

Ezra defended Gary Schipper (without naming him) in his very first show. Where have you people been?