Friday, June 24, 2011

Cathy Crowe--Can Soshalists Spel?



Greg said...

I smell the fear.

sharonapple88 said...

The odd part is that the words they misspell -- "centre" and "recipient" -- are spelt out correctly in that section. Someone should have picked up on the inconsistencies at least.

bigcitylib said...

Whatever you smell, Greg, is coming from your side of the monitor.

Monger said...

BCL, you seem to have a few errors of your own.

Perhaps if you "receved" some feedback from an "editer", he or she could "poo-pooh" your own misspellings and make your blog less "apalling" to spelling junkies like yourself.

By the by, "it's" vs. "its" in too many placed to cite.

"Torys" is not the plural of "Tory".

Call me a "sceptic", but at least I am not "groveling".

Seriously though I often enjoy your posts, this one is silly.

I await others to point out my errors as indeed everyone makes them.

* Full disclosure in that at least 2 examples above are from people you chose to quote, but they fit in with my theme, so I used them anyway. The mispleelings above are from a few seconds of spell check on the few most recent postings on this blog.

bigcitylib said...

Fair enough, although I am not the one running for office.

sharonapple88 said...

I await others to point out my errors as indeed everyone makes them.

Yeah, that's why organizations hire copy editors.

The question remains... why weren't they consistant with their misspellings? "Recipient" and "Recipiant" are practically right next to each other.

(Anyone want to have a spelt vs. spelled debate about my previous post... I prefer spelt over spelled. :D)

Reality Bites said...

Greg the one thing Liberals have learned to never fear is the prospect of an NDP (or Conservative) win in Toronto Centre.

I'm pretty sure that's true for Toronto Center as well.