Saturday, June 11, 2011

Will Lindsay Blackett Become Canada's First Black Premier?

He is apparently considering a run for Mr. Stelmach's old job.

In the past I've been quite critical of Mr. Blackett.  His handling of Alberta's human rights legislation revamp (bill 44) was not terribly coherent.  In fact, it was confused and contradictory.

And yet  everything seems to have come right in the end.  Section 3 (the hate speech provision) of the act remains in place, sexual orientation as a grounds for discrimination was explicitly written in, and I am informed  that the parental opt-out provision--which would have allowed people to remove their kid from of a class teaching Darwin or mentioning homosexuality--has been so watered down as to be meaningless.

So Progressivism triumphed in Alberta, perhaps accidentally, and this guy appears to have been standing in the vicinity when it happened. Whether that's reason enough to put him in charge of the province, my Western brothers and sisters will have to decide.

PS.  I would just note that Balckett's handling of Bill 44  drove Ezra Levant into a frenzy.  For me, obviously, that's another plus.


Robert McClelland said...

Albertans are working hard lately to counter the perception they're bigots so I think he'd have a good shot just because he's black.

crf said...

We've already had a black premier in BC: James Douglas, B.C's first governor.

Anonymous said...

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