Tuesday, June 28, 2011

McHale And Vandermaas Get New Gig

Gary McHale, Mark Vandermaas, and co. have declared victory in Caledonia.  They've decided there's no point in hassling Indians anymore and moved on to greener pastures.  More particularly, London Ont., where they've been hassling...well, try and guess who they've been hassling. So far, though, the only people they've managed to get a rise out of come from the local business community:

Yesterday, a property owner asked me to move from in front of her business location. I know it’s not great to have a protest near your business, so I agreed to rotate my chosen place each day in order to try to accommodate her wishes, which I did.

Today, a second business owner came out to ask me to move my protest to the other side of the street.... I wasn’t even standing in front of his office, I was standing in front of a neighbouring building. He told me he was concerned that people would drive by and think someone was protesting against his business. I suggested all he had to do is tell his customers, ’By the way…the protest outside has nothing to do with me.’ When I reminded him that I wasn’t in front of his business, and suggested that no one was going to associate a guy wearing a blue beret and a UN flag with a protest against him, he told me my sign was too small and people driving by couldn’t read it, so they might think it was about him. It was all I could do to read his sign from the sidewalk, so I didn’t think that was going to be a problem. I told him I was rotating positions, and that free speech was why we live in Canada, but he wasn’t happy.

I’m not naming the business owners because I don’t want to focus on them, but the lesson (also learned in Caledonia, BTW) is unmistakable: when push comes to shove, don’t count on too many business owners to lead the charge to defend your Charter rights.

OK.  If you can't guess, go here.


double nickel said...

And to think he speaks for all of Canada! Who knew?

Kurt Phillips said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear BCL:

1. I would appreciate it if you would remove the defamatory comment by Nosferatu200 immediately please. I believe we've been through this before, but here goes again:

In 2010 the Six Nations newspaper Tekawennake News, as part of a pre-trial settlement with 4 of us who sued them for falsely accusing us of being associated with white supremacists, agreed to publish a two part op-ed series written by us.

At the top of each week's piece the paper ran a 'clarification' stating it had NO evidence to back up these statements.


Please refrain from allowing further allegations of this nature to be posted on your site.

Secondly, your suggestion that I was involved in any way with the creation of the Caledonia Militia and/or that I am currently operating it is also false, and I would ask that you ammend your story to reflect this fact.

I covered the story on VoiceofCanada.ca and my coverage reflected my supported on VoiceofCanada.ca the right of the Caledonia resident who attempted to start it so long as he remained within the law - which he did. That was it.

Thank you.

Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project