Friday, September 07, 2007

Rogers And Traffic Shaping Redux

I wrote about this in December. Basically I was having some difficulty using the various P2P networks after installing a new cable modem and spent a day on the phone with the Rogers High-Speed Internet people trying to figure it out. During the course of these painful hours, I was given any number of different answers from Rogers as to whether they were limiting the use of or download/upload speeds from these various networks--from an admission that Rogers was shaping traffic to stop the spread of child porn, to a declaration that Rogers wasn't shaping traffic at all.

Today Michael Geist is reporting the same kind of scatter-shot responses from the company over this issue, and not just from the schmoes on the help-line. Even their VPs can't get the story straight. Michael writes:

What is a consumer to think when the company's website says nothing about the issue but promotes its services as offering "blistering speed for sharing large files and much more", while personnel alternately say that Rogers bandwidth shapes, doesn't traffic shape, prioritizes traffic, and/or reserves space for some traffic?

What indeed? Perhaps that Rogers sucks.


Ti-Guy said...

I've got Rogers and there's no question that it's throttling. Youtube is barely usable for me.

Anonymous said...

Rogers . . choking your chicken for you.


Jay said...

They restrict certain programs such as bittorrent, etc by limiting upload/download speed.

I spoke with someone months ago and this tech guy came clean with me.

I was quite pissed that the speeds they quote I have is not actually what I get. Nowhere close to what I actually get.