Wednesday, February 03, 2010

10%ers As Guerilla Marketing

Leveraging an audience of a few thousand home-owners who are likely to send them straight down the garbage chute into national exposure...and they haven't even been printed yet.

But lets be clear: the only people interested in investigating our military for war-crimes are Tory partisans, and they're only raising the idea to fend off an investigation of the government's role in the detainee issue.

Their argument: punish Tory politicians and the soldier boys get it.


Terry 1 said...

I always fire the 10 percenters back at the Tory MP with some juicy comments about their deficit and the waste of money the fliers are. I never comment on the issue thye are trying to promote.

RuralSandi said...

I save them - just in case. My MP, Norlock, was the biggest spender on 10 percenters last year. I received 28 last year which I thought could help if they needed to make an issue of this.

But, our folks in our riding are angry about it. We haven't received one yet for this year.

robert_viera said...

I've been looking at the Q4 fund-raising numbers that were released recently and noticed that the Conservatives raised $191,743.38 in a single day: December 17th. Of that, $163,831.66 was raised from donors with a postal code starting with the letter 'H' (Montreal). You'll recall that the Conservatives made headlines less than 2 weeks prior for sending flyers that suggested Liberals were anti-Semitic to the Montreal riding of Liberal MP Irwin Cotler. Looking at the list of contributors, I see a lot of Jewish surnames.