Monday, February 22, 2010

From Offensive few dabs of war-paint less and some other minor costume changes later--cool with the elders.

...though still a bit too much like the characters from my least favorite Star Trek Episode.


double nickel said...

I'm having a hard time seeing how the outfits are offensive. Tasteless, maybe. I think people need to dial their offensiveness meters back a notch or two.

bigcitylib said...

All seems to have worked out. ALthough the Aussies are still complaining.

sassy said...

Although fun to see, I find that when costumes are too elaborate, they distract from my ability to appreciate the skaters skills.

Ti-Guy said...

Are the Olympics over yet?

thebanana said...

TG, they were over about 25 years ago.

Unknown said...

You've gone too far this time BCL! Least favourite Star Trek episode ever!!!


2. "Well click my heels and jump for joy, I gotta clean bill of health from Dr. McCoy!!"

3. Spock jamming with the spacehippies.

What were you smokin' when you decided that - or correction what weren't you smokin'!!

bigcitylib said...

It isn't enough for Spock to jam with the space hippies. The tune has to ROCK. That tune didn't rock.

Unknown said...

Okay, let everyone be the judge what say you?


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