Thursday, February 25, 2010

Green Party Prepares To Self-Immolate

Council has voted to draft a motion to amend the Part by-laws regarding a leadership race to submit to the membership at the August BGM in Toronto. In the interim, the Leadership race fairness committee has been tasked to prepare the terms and conditions of the race. These terms and conditions will be predicated on the terms and conditions of the last race. For those interested, Steve Kisby chairs that committee, and I’ll publish the names and email addresses of all the members in an upcoming post.

Dear Green Party members: Elizabeth May is way too good for you. If she should lose any silly little leadership race, or decide that's its really not worth playing den mother to a gang of ungrateful children for about $50,000 a year and refuse to participate, then you will be truly fucked, returned to square one, raising funds by holding salmon bakes and selling magic mushrooms out of the back of your old Volkswagen van.

For the less addled among you, may I suggest this alternative.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you're right! I mean, Liz managed to raise the vote share by almost 1.5%, and it only cost $3mm to win those votes! And all she asked in return is to be allowed uninterrupted tenure, with no pesky oversite, or conventions or anything. What a bunch of ungrateful turds those greens are!

Unknown said...

"I mean, Liz managed to raise the vote share by almost 1.5%..."

Which was almost a 50% increase in actual votes.
But hey, don't let me interrupt your self-deceit.

Anonymous said...

Great return on $3 million eh?

bigcitylib said...


Didn't you claim NOT to hate her?

UU4077 said...

Gee, thanks. You're so kind.

Anonymous said...

I don't hate her, I'm addressing the premise of the post, that I should express undying gratitude to her. I have valid reasons to be unhappy with her tenure, but I think she's a pretty awesome candidate. It's called nuance, which is sadly lacking in this back of an envelope post.
Perhaps you've been wallowing in uberpartisan spin for too long to have a rational chat about politics, so I'll leave you to your circle--.

bubba said...

I'm thinking the Greens will find a much better place to get council, Than anyone associated with how the Libs chose their last leader. The knives are still not dry.