Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brad Gets Rad

Brad Trost, that is, embracing a flat tax for Canada:

Nations and jurisdictions that have adopted flat-tax systems “with extraordinary success” include: Jersey (1940), Hong Kong (1947) and the Czech Republic (2008).

Maybe he's jealous of all the attention M. Bernier's been getting lately with some of his own radical proposals. Another hat in the ring for a post-Harper CPoC leadership race? Mad Max vs. Flat Brad?

PS. Jersey is not New Jersey, but this place (pop. 91,626).


Shiner said...

I'm loving Brad's new found love of comparative politics. Can we expect one of these fun facts every week from now on?

Bailey said...

I like how he takes this part from the Frasier Report without any sense of irony:

"The report states that Canadians would really benefit from a more efficient and taxpayer friendly tax system"

More efficient? Hmmm... I wonder what party put in all those tax breaks.

Ti-Guy said...

Countries that have flat tax systems

Most of them are emerging economies that will show high growth rates because they're starting from nothing. The rest are 3rd World hell holes that can't even collect the flat tax. And then there's Jersey. And Guernsey.

*sigh* What can you say about Brad Trost except..well, girls and math...

CanNurse said...

Do you KNOW how embarrassing it is to have BradLee as one's MP - not to mention depressing & infuriating. No one in the urban section of his constituency has laid eyes on this twit since he was elected because of the Left vote being split. He hates & fears women, is a virulent fundamentalist evangelical Christian, doesn't "believe in" Climate Change science or evolution, & now he's a flat-earther ...oops...I mean flat-taxer. Just cheered me right up.