Monday, February 08, 2010

NANOS Confirms Collapse

The Conservatives led by nearly 10 points in mid-November…they are now at 35.6% while the Liberals are at 33.9%...the NDP is at 16.4% and the Greens are at QuĂ©bec, the Bloc is at 33.2%...the Liberals are at 29.3%...the Conservatives are at 22.2% and the NDP are at 10.5%.

Nanos last(?) poll had the Tories just short of 40%. owever, the improvement noted here and elsewhere apparently isn't enough to tempt federal Libs towards bringing down the government in March, which probably wouldn't work anyway with Mr. Layton not at 100% and, therefore, probably looking to avoid the stress of a campaign. One would hope though, that, the Libs will now oppose some of the pending legislation that's athema to their core support (C-391, anybody?) a little more forcefully. Some people, me at least, would like to see them win one or two as the opposition.


RuralSandi said...

Well, Harper has the Beatles/Little Help from my Friends.

So, perhaps the Liberals have the Rolling Stones - Time is on my Side.

It seems that stuff is coming out now on a daily basis.

Tof KW said...

That brings up a very good point. With the NDP in their present situation, how will the dynamics change in the HOC over the spring session? With neither the CPoC and NDP really wanting an election any time soon, watch for some co-operation between them. This could allow the Grits to fully exercise their roll as the official opposition, since there is little fear of triggering an election.

There is also a possibility the CPoC may actually reach out to the Libs on certain issues too, mainly budget issues. However after 4 years of ‘my way or the highway’ attitude from Harper (actually it goes back much further, ask any cohorts from Alliance and PC days) how much co-operation can we expect from the CPoC?

The Liberals may end up having their best chance to really differentiate themselves from the CPoC this spring.

CanadianSense said...

Nanos Polling is done on a monthly basis and had the Liberals leading and with MOE for most of 2009.

With the Sudbury meltdown and drop in 3-4 pts back to Dion levels, some in the media were calling for the knives on Iffy.

Is the new normal 30-33% for the Liberals in 2010?

Without voters shifting from the Bloc and NDP in Ontario & Quebec the Liberals are stuck in the cheapseats.
Nanos Polls 2009 show only 3 months a gap as a result of election threat. CPC dont take lead until Sept 9, 2009