Monday, February 01, 2010

Biblical Pasages On Canadian Rifles

A Canadian military spokesperson admits that Ottawa-based Joint Task Force 2 and a special operations unit from nearby Petawawa use the Trijicon rifle sights in Afghanistan, but Major Don MacNair cites national security reasons in refusing to say how many of the sights are employed. The activities of the joint task force are shrouded in secrecy, but the unit often works behind enemy lines and its members are trained to kill with cold efficiency. MacNair told the Ottawa Citizen that the inscriptions are inappropriate and should be removed.

Gruending with another terrific piece on coded biblical inscriptions found on Trijicon rifle sites, some of which are being used by Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. The inscriptions have recently been ordered removed.


Unknown said...'s almost like a wild conspiracy theory, except that it's true. Interesting that all the bible references are involving light and sight so it's pertinent to a fibre-optic ACOG.

Still, it's kinda effin creepy...

Niles said...

Imagine how soldiers that aren't Christians feel about Christian talismanic invocations being implicitly planted on them to 'curse' the enemy.

But hey, as the evangelical Christians shrug and sneer, it's not like it's talk about pig/beef fat being used on paper cartridges so what's the big deal? Free speech to the corporation and all that.

vw: suppi. well...that's kinda close to sepoy