Friday, February 19, 2010

Ezra On Wildrose Alliance

"The Wildrose Alliance have some people who have been active in pro-life circles for many years," continued Levant. "The new leader of the Wildrose Alliance, Danielle Smith, is a bit of a libertarian. I’m not quite sure where she stands on abortion herself, but I’ll bet you a dollar that she’s for debudgeting it. That’s the libertarian view."

So someone--yo Rob Harvie--go ask Danielle Smith what her position on abortion is. Tell her Ezra's bringing the SoCons.


MgS said...

The SoCons have been flocking to the WRA for a while now - especially since Ted Morton lost the PC leadership.

Ti-Guy said...

It makes perfect sense for everyone to be courting the socons. Political leadership is a breeze when your base consists of the stupidest people who've ever lived.

Backseat Blogger said...

ezra is full of it on this one i think...or perhaps he's just telling the audience what he thinks they want to hear.

i certainly wouldn't see 'debudgeting' abortion as libertarian. abortion is a legal medical procedure and if you fund other legal procedures then you must fund abortion as well.

i wonder if 'debudgeting' would even be legal? i would think that any such effort would be subject to a strong charter challenge.