Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Money For What?


Update: Worse than thought. Imagine blowing $1.5M so that 15-20,000 people can attend a CFL game in Moncton, of all places. Is cable on the fritz again ? According to ACOA mucky-muck Richard Gauthier who was kind enough to email this scribbler, "the Government of Canada, through ACOA, is investing $800,000 and the Province of New Brunswick is providing $700,000 towards marketing and venue infrastructure costs to host the first CFL regular season game in Atlantic Canada to be held in Moncton on September 26, 2010 between the Toronto Argonauts and Edmonton Eskimos as part of the three-day Touchdown Atlantic weekend". You've got to love the hubris. But where the heck was that irascible Pete MacKay when this thing got spitballed ?

*ACOA is the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the Torys' pork dispensing unit in The Maritimes.

An obviously questionable use of stimulous money. Blowing $800,000 on an "event" vs. repairing a highway or something like that. Like setting a big bubble-making machine down in the middle of a field and having it blow bubbles for a few days, then taking it away.

From Bourque.


Frank said...

This slush fund set up by the Croutonites should have been shuttered long ago. Harper has learned nothing. Bring on Wildrose.

Tof KW said...

Bring on Wildrose.

Great, more incompetent, populist, crazies practicing neo-liberal fiscal policy, and calling themselves conservatives. They did pick a good party leader though - but vs. special Ed, that bar's pretty low.

Shiner said...

A good party leader? She's charasmatic, I'll give you that.

I, for one, am also looking forward to the crazies winning in Alberta. Should be particularly fun to watch them take on all the trade unions working in the oil fields.

Omar said...

ACOA is the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the Torys' pork dispensing unit in The Maritimes.

Well, to be fair, ACOA is the Government of Canada's pork dispensing unit in The Maritimes. Regardless of political stripe.
Vive le baril de porc!

Tof KW said...

Well Shiner, at the risk of further meandering totally off the BCL's topic of the Harper conservatives successfully becoming, well, old-school pork-barrelling liberals...

She is charismatic yes, however there is more that I can't put my finger on. When Ed Stelmach won the leadership race my initial thoughts were "nice guy, personable chap, how the hell did he become premier?" After seeing a few interviews with Danielle Smith my thoughts; "she's bright, articulate, definitely not a nutjob, and though I disagree with a number of her convictions I see her as premier." I still don't see Ed as a premier after all this time, even with an election win.

That said, once you get past Smith and look at who the original Wildrosers are (the same failed kooks and western separatists that have been around the past 20 odd years) - yes I agree with you. It would be fun to watch them win. That is unless Ms Smith can convert enough PCers to join the Wildrose, and basically steel the party from the original wingnuts. But then how different would the Wildrosers be if they’re just former PCers minus Ed?

double nickel said...

A Wildrose defection would certainly open the door to a left of center party going up the middle. How would that be a bad thing?

Tof KW said...

A Wildrose defection would certainly open the door to a left of center party going up the middle. How would that be a bad thing?

We're talking Alberta, I just don't see that happening - ever. The ALP may be able to pick up a few more urban ridings thanks to vote splitting, but that's about all.

A more likely scenario could be Alberta's first minority government. That would be fascinating in my opinion. Imagine the Wildrosers or PCs winning a minority, and requiring either the ALP or NDP to help pass legislation? I'm snickering just typing that :)

I don't think that's the most likely scenario either, Alberta always votes as a heard. With history as a guide the most likely outcome is a majority - PC or Wildrose. Regardless of what happens, this is the most exciting Alberta politics has been in many, many years.

Anonymous said...

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