Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Did I Really Say That?

Apparently, back before the turn of the century (based on the old email address), I did. Its been so long I'm not really sure that I would understand the correct answer to my question if someone told it to me today.

People don't even DO Phil. of Sci. that way any more. Anyway, I eventually found my copy of Braithwaite. It did not prove particularly enlightening.

Although I did have a cool signature line:

The Shapes of Things are Dumb. – L. Wittgenstein


Ti-Guy said...

I see you've been spelling "original" origonal for quite some time. Do you set your spell check to ignore that? ;)

bigcitylib said...

Why should I be the one that changes?

Dr.Dawg said...

Sorry for any obscurity in my own presentation here.

You're forgiven. :)

I always thought the word "origonal" was a mash-up of "original" and "orthogonal," but I inevitably stop there, experience satori, and move on to your next sentence.

willard said...

I thought you meant "related to orgon".