Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Canadian Olympic Beer Tent...

...has been constructed illegally?


Ti-Guy said...

It's like the Harpies went out their way to get everyone to dislike these Olympics. I got off the bandwagon decisively when they used them to rationalise prorogation.

I'd give the Harpies marks for not trying too hard to be overly-sophisticated with this panem et circenses dodge, but that just makes me even angrier.

Northern PoV said...

the image on the Tyee
the reality of the photo you used

kinda like

an "artist's depiction" of Harper's promises of accountability
the farce of Harper's reality

Holly Stick said...

There was an architect on As It Happens tonight talking about a future exhibition and this. I'm pretty sure he said one of the places was designed by Cirque du Soleil - seriously. And some stupid things Minister Moore said

It'll be on their website tomorrow I guess.