Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spector On Rights And Democracy

Even the Dawg seems to have missed this blog post from Friday:

The Israeli-Palestinian question is not the only explanation for the crisis… Afghanistan is also at issue. Ottawa’s man, Aurel Braun, did not appreciate the fact that employees contradicted two Conservative ministers about what was known about Kabul’s misogynistic law….


Lawrence Cannon swore he knew nothing about the law and that it came as a complete surprise to him… he was contradicted by two employees - the president, Rémy Beauregard, and Razmik Panossian, its policy director, who told Embassy Magazine that Canada had known it was coming for months… the statements were discussed at the board meeting of May 8… according to the minutes… Braun complained about the lack of communication: “He asked to be informed about high level contacts with the government… he cited as an example the Embassy article that gave the impression that the Institute was contradicting the Minister… he deplored the fact that he had not been informed until two days later.

Punished for knowing more than Lawrence Cannon. Man that's harsh.


Dr.Dawg said...

Have no idea how this escaped my notice, BCL, but thanks for pointing it out.

Today: the Stockland connection. More on the influence of the religious right at Rights and Dem. (Tx to Paul Wells.)

Ti-Guy said...

So, another file in Braunshirt's Gleichschaltung campaign is protecting the reputation of Conservative ministers?

Heckuva job, Braunie. Rights and Democracy forever!

Dr.Dawg said...


Just saw this, but I bet Tiggy thinks I cribbed it from him. :)

But if he was "Anon" over at Paul Wells' place--I did.

I love how Aurel Braun's German accent adds just the right texture to this theme of Gleichschaltung.


(If that was indeed you, great comment. It sounded a lot like you.)

Ti-Guy said...

*whistles innocently*