Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tory Turmoil In Ontario?

On the resignation of Tim Hudak's media relations director Greg Medulun:

Given the poor results the PC's have had under the Hudak regime so far, (running an angry and unsuccessful campaign in St. Paul's, getting crushed in Toronto Centre, and now looking down the barrel at another defeat in the critical riding of Ottawa West-Nepean) and in particular, the very negative press which emerged following the PC tactics outside, and particularly inside the Legislature during the last sitting. Many in the caucus, particularly those on the Red Tory wing of the party and the more experienced MPP's, including such high profile figures such as Deputy Leader Christine Elliott, Education critic Elizabeth Witmer, and Chief Whip/Finance Critic/longest serving PC MPP, had expressed displeasure with the rough and tumble tactics of the Hudak/Hillier axis within the party, whose strategy was promoted by Medulun. With the Tories looking at a probable loss in an important swing riding of OW-N, could caucus unrest push more Hudakites out of the way as the more moderate wing of the party calls for a re-think of strategy?

On my! The Landowners will be displeased!

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Tof KW said...

Hudak was a stupid choice for the PCs to begin with Ontarians look back to the Common Sense Revolution years with nostalgia? In the end they made the NDP-days look like competent government.

Dalton is entirely beatable, but not if the PCs take a hard swing into reactionary wing-nuttery. John Tory was actually on the right track (more or less) except the man has the political skills of a sloth. Not really a fan of Elliott (thanks to her husband) but if Ms Witmer could somehow become the PC leader and we get rid of the useless Hillier-types, the old big blue machine could be resurrected into power.