Saturday, February 06, 2010

On Stiffing The Grassroots

CPoC Central moves to protect Rob Anders, Canada's worst MP. This story has been unfolding for a couple of years now. Calgary West is one of the country's safest ridings: the Tories could run a three-legged gopher there and win by a mile. Yet attempts by the local riding association to find someone a little less embarrassing over the years have been constantly rebuffed.

PS. OT (but there is a Levant/Anders connection, click on 3rd link above), Ezra has been dinged by the Law Society of Alberta and, yeah, I was right, Levant v. Vigna kicks off next week.


Holly Stick said...

I really have to wonder why they put so much effort into keeping Anders in his seat. Does he have something on Harper? Does he know where the bodies are buried? Does he bring in money from somewhere, like his old boss Inhofe?

Northern PoV said...

Rob Anders (like two other bulwarks of Canadian Democracy, Danielle Smith and Ezra Levant) is a creation of the Fraser Institute's jerk-hatchery (scholarship program) wherein they identify budding neanderthals and nurse them along until they are ready to be unleashed on us great unwashed.

No risk of this bright star losing his job to local remnants of CPC democracy.

Gerrard787 said...

The grassroots is always the voter and the voters of Calgary West want Rob Anders. Calgary West board members don't even factor into the decision.

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