Sunday, February 07, 2010

I Wonder

...if Tory MP Rod Bruinooge would explain where he gets information about "sex-select abortions" in Canada. He might also explain why the Tories have been systematically defunding the Canadian Federation of Sexual Health. When he gets a moment.


Ti-Guy said...

Conservative son-of-a-bitch with accusation of eugenics/genocide against an adversary. Just a regular day, in other words.

Terry 1 said...

A typical reformatory neanderthal.

a old one said...

Conservatives have started to use United States republican politics.
Do Canadains want this type of

Gene Rayburn said...

I think we all would be happy if Rod Bruinooge would explain which bus he left his brain on. Maybe he could explain what a boat rocker is too.

The ugliness is just genetics so no need for him to explain that.

penlan said...

What a totally disgusting man. Hate to use the word "man" for him nor the word "human". And I would not want to equate him with any animal or plant life on this planet - it would be unfair to any one of them as their "intelligence" is much greater than this creeps.

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