Thursday, February 18, 2010

All Those "Gates"

...and yet the ice still melts, and the Permafrost line still recedes:

ScienceDaily (Feb. 17, 2010) — The southern limit of permanently frozen ground, or permafrost, is now 130 kilometers further north than it was 50 years ago in the James Bay region, according to two researchers from the Department of Biology at Université Laval.

Read Deltoid to comprehend the full craptacularity of the U.K. Press on this issue (they make the National Post look almost slightly less craptacular); read RC for an evaluation of the various "gates". Short version: they mostly involve typos. And just in case someone brings it up, the two researchers above conclude:

While climate change is the most probable explanation for this phenomenon, the lack of long term climatic data for the area makes it impossible for the researchers to officially confirm this. Professor Payette notes, however, that the average annual temperature of the northern sites he has studied for over 20 years has increased by 2 degrees Celsius.


Northern PoV said...

From the smugness & decibel level of the deniers, one would think that they actually found credible evidence against the IPCC etc.

now they are treating AGW as entirely debunked

it is like "they" live in another universe

Steve V said...

That's the most amazing part of all this "debate". The deniers, focus narrowly on any piece of evidence to say global warming "alarmists" are on the run, but they fail to look at the physical evidence. No computer models required, no theoretical extrapolations, it's all right there, in HARD REALITY.

Hello in there.

Mr. Lorne said...


global warming started 50 years ago then?

"While climate change is the most probable explanation for this phenomenon, the lack of long term climatic data for the area makes it impossible for the researchers to officially confirm this."

Steve V...not really the "hard reality" you claim.

Unknown said...

Shorter Leeky, "public policy should be based on the least likely explanation for phenomena."

Tof KW said...

So... global warming started 50 years ago then?

Actually it started 150 years ago with the industrial revolution. It's an issue now with China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and many other of the world's most populous nations poised to joint the 'fully industrialized club' over the next few decades. The small amount we've raised global temperatures to this point is nothing compared to what this will mean. But by all means just continue denying it's a problem.

Mr. Lorne said...

Sorry, it's hard to see a problem when there's record cold temperatures everywhere. Plus IPCC's hard to know what or who to believe.

Tof KW said...'s hard to know what or who to believe.

By 2050 if no change is made in technologies, CO2 levels emitted by industrial activity will sextuple over present rates. Still wish to believe that won't be an issue?

Ti-Guy said...

.it's hard to know what or who to believe.

And that should matter to the rest of us...why exactly?

Unknown said...

Shorter Leeky, "We should ignore the fact that January 2010 was one of the globally warmest on record, and instead focus on some record low set somewhere or other."

Anonymous said...

Hello, 'BCL', have you missed me? Somehow you slipped of my 'Favourites' list and I lost track of you. Never mind, I'm back and I'm here to do you a favour.

All this AGW stuff is over, dead as a dodo, melted away faster than the arctic ice (not). Anyway, it doesn't matter whether it's true or false, people are laughing at you now - well, not you personally, of course - but your movement is now the butt of jokes and the cause of sniggers. I promise you, when that happens, you're dead! As dead as bird flu, swine flu, millenium bugs, etc, etc.

However, for old times sake I come bearing a gift. You see, I know how it is with all you catastrophists, like Paul Ehrlich who was proven wrong 20 years ago and had to pay up on his bet but still bores on about calamity, you really cannot quite face a world which is just getting along, you have a deep inner need for a looming disaster. So let me wise you up - move quickly into exploding meteorites hitting the earth! I promise you it's the coming catastrophe 'de nos jours'!

No, no, please don't thank me ...

David Duff

Ti-Guy said...

Your passive-aggression is really kind of sad (and rather childish), Duff. I see you haven't been laid since the last time you were here, ponce'ing up the place.

Worked out that alternative theory to biological evolution yet?

Anonymous said...

Hello, 'Ti-guy' fancy meeting you in a joint like this!

Laid? Me? At my age it would be a bloody miracle - even with viagra!

No, I haven't worked out an alternative to biological evolution but, as they say in the ads, I know a man who has. It certainly requires biological *reproduction* but after that it moves away from teh great Charles Darwin.

Er, have a nice day!

Frank said...

Phil Jones has run away from 'the science is settled' mantra. So how about it boys and girls, get with the program.