Saturday, September 03, 2011

Calling All Libertarians: Explain Randy Hillier To Me

So, if Libertarians co-ordinate their interests with other  Libertarians, are they therefore commies? 

There's an interesting philosophical issue here re how Nominalists (here = Libertarians) can possibly justify the introduction of general concepts.  But fuck it I'm off to the pub in a few minutes.

PS.  I freely admit Mr. Bell's original plaint is not particularly coherent, and Randy might be flailing about in search of a vote. 



Tof KW said...

So, if Libertarians co-ordinate their interests with other Libertarians, are they therefore commies?

If so, that makes this registered political party
a third communist organization (aside from the Communist Party of Canada, and the Marxist–Leninists).

Way to go you silly commies, split your vote three ways!

Brian Busby said...

The University of Ottawa offers a very good course called "Introduction to Political Science" (POL1101). So close to Mr Hillier's riding! And he'd earn three credits!

Unknown said...

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