Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Drip Drip Drip of Bad News

Another poll that shows Tim Hudak's lead slipping:

 With Tory support at 35% to the Liberals’ 30%, the poll suggests Mr. Hudak would clinch a narrow victory to lead a minority government if Ontarians voted tomorrow.

Steve V will surely come along and explain this latest poll, but I'd say it bears out the old maxim that campaigns do matter (even if they're barely underway yet).  You can't hang onto a lead with news like this coming out every day:

Calling Sterling's treatment at the hands of Hudak's PC party "disgraceful,''[Ex-Tory Premier Ernie] Eves said: 'I don't care who hears this. The treatment that Norm got from his own party was not very polite, was not fair, it was not loyal, it was not compassionate and it was not very honest.''

After Eve's comments, the 200-member audience, which included former premier Mike Harris and federal Conservative heavyweight John Baird, applauded and cheered, according to the release.

[Chatham-Kent Essex Conservative candidate Rick] Nicholls said it was the first he had heard of the report and wanted to dig into it before making a statement.

[Halton MPP Ted] Chudleigh, in Chatham to street campaign with Nicholls for the upcoming provincial election, also declined comment.

Instead, Chudleigh, armed with a cardboard wheel, which he called Premier Dalton McGuinty's wheel of tax, said Ontarians are in store for more taxes if the Liberals are re-elected in October. A gust of wind blew the wheel over and it landed on Nicholl's head. He was not injured.

This, by the way, is my favorite picture of Ernie Eves.  When he first ran against Dalton...well, that was one for the ages.


CuJoYYC said...

Should be: This, by the way, is my favourite picture of Ernie Eves.  When he first ran against Dalton...well, that was one for the ages.

I'm not surprised when Tories use US spelling but we should all know better. Switch your system prefs to Canadian spelling please.

Nice picture of Ernie from deep down in the vault.

jane smith said...

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