Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Friends Of Randy Hillier

Yesterday, Tory MPP for Lanarck Randy Hillier linked approvingly to a post by one Jeff Goodall in which the latter referred to ex Tory Premier Ernie Eves as a "Pink retread" out to sabotage the Ontario Conservatives.  Here are the titles from a few other blog posts from Mr. Goodall:

Coping with Black intelligence realities


‘Store swarmings’ on the increase, which begins: Toronto, I have been in clothing stores in predominantly Black areas where I had to pick my way around merchandise lying on the floor. Blacks would take clothes off the rack, look at them, and if they didn’t like them then rather than hang them up again they would simply drop them on the floor.

Randy seems to know Mr. Goodall personally, enough to feature him prominently on his Facebook page, so I wonder if he knows and approves of these particular opinions.

And for those who think the PCP=Tea Party rhetoric is over-heated, the graphic below is also from Randy's Facebook page (from the "likes" section):


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