Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sun Smears Suzuki

 When you read this story about the "controversy" David Suzuki and his foundation have found themselves in for endorsing Dalton McGuinty's Green Energy initiatives, you have to read between the lines.  What's between the lines can be found in a November 2010 blog post by Donna Laframboise, once journalist for the National Post.  It covers a lunch-time meeting between her and Sun Media's Kory Teneycke, in which young Kory tried to convince Donna to return to the business as a T.O. Sun columnist and Sun TV News talking head:

Kory responded to my really, I’m not a television person protestations with assurances that it would be OK. At the beginning, few people would be watching anyway, he insisted. He was sure that, with a bit of practice, I’d do fine.

[Teneycke's]one firm directive was that I should challenge David Suzuki.

Sun media has been planning to target David Suzuki since April of 2010 (when Kory met Donna).  They appear not to have hired a designated Suzuki basher, as per the original plan. But nothing else seems to have changed.

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Jim Parrett said...

It's what they do. They are Conservative henchmen, after all. War on science. War on intelligence. War on drugs. War on the poor. War on honest journalism.