Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Velshi Bails

...on Ethical Oil, is replaced by Tory Blogger.  Not to suggest causality, but I would note that the Harper government, after huffing and puffing a bit over the Canadian Value of Free Speech, seems to have decided against taking public action over the Saudi government's threat to sue anyone running EO's adds:

When QMI Agency reported that Riyadh had hired a high-powered law firm to tell Canadian media not to air ads that are critical of Saudi oppression of women, several Tory ministers denounced the move as a violation of free speech rights.

The Commons foreign affairs committee has been asked to look into the matter, but Conservative MP and committee chairman Dean Allison just lumps it in with a host of issues the committee might look into.


Allison refused to say whether he’d try to convince the Conservative majority on the committee to take up’s concerns, but he didn't close the door completely.

“We are going to have a steering meeting this Thursday,” said Allison. “I think that when we meet Thursday, I think what we’ll end up doing is trying to nail down a bit more of an agenda as we move forward.”

...which would be the right decision even if the Saudi action is a SLAPP suit (which it almost certainly is).  After all, you can't tell a Canadian law firm (Norton Rose) that they can`t pursue a case through the Canadian legal system.

Which leaves Ethical Oil (getting its funding from God Knows) and the cash-strapped Sun TV, who are still running the ads in question, on their own.

Good time to take a long vacation, Alykhan?

Update: Now here's a mind-blower.  Velshi has been appointed to the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, a City of T.O. committee that was founded by...Jack Layton!


Holly Stick said...

Maybe following the money explains Velshi's new job?

Anonymous said...

"Past TAF grants have helped start pilot programs which proved green technology works and saved the city cash."
This is not what "ethical" oil wants to hear right now.
Arselykhan keeps on using the word ethical, I don't think it means what he thinks it does.

bigcitylib said...

Actually, if the guy has really switched sides he would be a font of useful knowledge.

Anonymous said...

He would indeed, but I doubt if he is now on the other team, more like a fifth column. From Holly's link and my conspiracy addled mind it looks like the oligarchs in Toronto are following in Harper's footsteps.
Goodyear the quack in charge of Science, Clement the builder of gazebos on the public dime in charge of treasury etc. I'm still waiting for Oda to become minister of truth.

rabbit said...

Saudis have a perfect right to have law firms send letters on their behalf.

And CTV has a perfect right to respond as they will to such letters.

And Canadian viewers have a right to avoid watching gutless networks who cave to threats from foreign nations.

So everyone exercises their rights and everyone's happy. Life is good.

Unknown said...

"And Canadian viewers have a right to avoid watching gutless networks who cave to threats from foreign nations."

Heh. There are no "guts" or lack thereof involved. CTV exists for one purpose only - to make money.
Decisions are made on that basis.

If you're looking for something else, you should turn off the teevee and pick up a book or something.