Saturday, September 24, 2011

PCPO Campaign In A Nutshell

...tearing down stuff they don't like.


mandible said...

Appears to be Ted Chudleigh in Halton.

The Liberal candidate is Indira Naidoo-Harris.

deboaned said...

This is beginning to make more sense. I have seen many missing Liberal signs in Eglinton-Lawrence and Thornhill as well. Though in Thornhill they seem to go back up as quickly as they are pulled down.

crf said...

Does Ted have an excuse?

mandible said...

The signs are at the intersection of Dundas St. West and Third Line in Oakville. They appear to be on private property. Presumably, Chudleigh got permission to erect his large sign and the Liberals did not.

It's possible that since the Liberal sign is partially blocking Chudleigh's sign and had no right to be there, he removed it.